About us


Our mission is to connect Greek property owners with investors from all around the world in order to assist them with the process of acquiring residency and citizenship in Greece via property investment. DLC Property Group and our carefully selected and vetted partners, are using the official Golden Visa Programme of Greece, making sure that everything is handled in the safest and most professional manner.


Established in 2019 by three partners with substantial real estate and international business experience, DLC Property Group removes complexity and any associated risks from the entire process, providing a turnkey solution for investors. We will be the single point of contact, perform thorough due diligence, and liaise with all relevant partners including property owners/developers, lawyers, accountants and any government officials, with all fees being included in the final price.


Over the last few years, there has been a sharp increase on property investments to obtain residency and citizenship in countries within the European Union and especially Greece. This is due to the array of benefits it offers to non-EU citizens, including the lowest cost in Europe to obtain citizenship (250,000€). As a resident of Greece, the investor and their family (spouse, children, parents) can travel to all EU/Schengen countries without a visa, enrol in colleges and universities across Europe either for free or by paying the EU student fee, access to public healthcare and the option to sell the property and transfer the residency to the new owner.


With offices in Hong Kong, London, and Athens, DLC Property Group has set up a sales and advisory network in key locations around the globe with our experts being able to offer customised property investment advisory focusing on prime areas of Greece such as the islands of Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, as well as upscale properties in Athens. Our portfolio of properties is carefully picked to enable investors to diversify their property portfolio with Greek and European property investments that will offer positive yields through price appreciation or rentals.